About Us

For the past 70 years Chicago Cash Register has been providing Point of Sale solutions. Our customers use our solutions in:

  • Grocery Stores, Supermarkets,
  • Bars and Clubs,
  • Restaurants (pizza, delivery, table service, fine dining, fast food, cafeterias, diners)
  • General Retail Stores (clothing, hardware, sporting goods, gifts, shoes), and
  • Service Stores (cleaners, salons, spas).

It is our goal to improve the way our customers do business. We use our knowledge and experience to help our customers integrate tasks, streamline information management, and monitor productivity. Chicago Cash Register strives to improve customer throughput, efficiency and control at the front-end. We also make back-office management easier while continuing to provide the sophisticated reporting that you need to improve your bottom line.

Chicago Cash Register has a staff of highly qualified technicians and programmers who install and service the equipment and systems we provide. They are responsible for equipment configuration and installation as well as programming, training, and support during startup and post-sale. The people who service your system are the same people who integrated and installed it. Our goal is to provide the optimal configuration of the highest quality equipment and software for the specific needs of your business.

Our Hardware

Chicago Cash Register provides turn-key solutions using the most advanced and reliable equipment available. A partial list of hardware manufacturers that we carry includes: Epson ticket and kitchen printers, Preh programmable keyboards, Metrologic scanners, Posiflex terminals, Ishida and NCI scales, Datalogic scanner-scales, Logic Controls dispalys, Elo LCD touch screen monitors, DELL cpu's and Verifone and Ingenico credit card and signature capture terminals.

Chicago Cash Register is an Authorized Sharp Dealer and offers the full line of Sharp cash registers. Sharp is very popular because of its reliability, durability and functionality. Sharp cash registers have the lowest failure rate of any cash register on the market. Chicago Cash Register services and programs all Sharp registers.

Our Software Solutions

Chicago Cash Register also carries a wide range of POS software so that we can provide a perfect solution for each of our customers. The software we suggest for a customer has entirely to do with the specific needs of each individual customer. Listed below are some of the most popular software solutions we suggest for each of the markets we serve.

I) Hospitality

  • TwoTouch: an advanced, feature-rich, second generation, Windows-based software solution. Designed specifically for bars, restaurants and hospitality places with an emphasis on speed and easy operation, while offering a broad array of features. We have installed this solution in over 200 places in Chicagoland.
  • CCR Touch: inexpensive DOS-based system used in hundreds of Chicagoland locations. It is very reliable and is a great choice for simple operations.

II) Grocery/SupermarketGrocery/Supermarket

  • Star-Plus: A premium grocery/supermarket system with thousands of lanes installed in the U.S. and Canada. This single, seamless software package manages both the till and the back office without the need of third party software. The Star-Plus systems allows for retail and wholesale operations under one single inventory. It’s impressive array of functionalities combined with a modular architecture make it suitable for single-store and multi-store configuratStar-Link: A Head Office solution for the Star-Plus system. Star-Link allows for centralized control of the stores and inventory transfers. Manage product movement from the warehouse to the stores or from one store to another.

III) General Retail & Services

  • Microsoft Business Solutions
    • RMS Store Operations: absolute flexibility in a state-of-the-art Microsoft solution. RMS allows you to manage your inventory, staff, clients and sales with a fast and user-friendly interface.
    • RMS Headquarters: provides all the necessary functions to manage a retail chain efficiently. RMS Headquarters enables you to set policies and procedures for each store to follow, then it enforces those rules as they apply throughout the enterprise. Specially tailored, multi-level reports let you sort and combine business data. You can even drill down into them to directly modify your database from the reports.

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